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Our Purpose

Democratizing Media, Content & Monetization

We Enable Media Companies and Content Creators to Build Modern Media Business

Our portfolio of brands was built alongside a sophisticated technology suite that responds to the evolving needs of modern creators and marketers. Powered by WeOnWe CMS, the unified publishing platform for modern media companies, these revenue-generating and community-building tools enable not only VAVEL, but hundreds of companies in our industry.
Powered by innovative technology that scales quality, we answer the always-changing needs of modern audiences, creators and marketers. Our wit, passion, and sharp commentary make Vavel Corp. a keystone of modern media.

Vavel Company MISSION

We are passionate about supporting sustainable publishing and business practices and leading the responsible, fairness and transparency direction of our industry. Find out how you can partner with us today.
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    Democratize content monetization

    Open access to paid channels for media creation and to build supportive audiences.

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    Creators Access to Sustainable business

    The era of views has to end. We need to create a sustainable (and healthy) business based in Subscribers for the next generation of creators.

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    Smart Tech & Artificial Intelligence

    Use AI to evolve the media creation process and exposure. Also to open up new markets.

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    Media creators have to find a place to give value to what they do based on native multimedia creation and even on extra remote digital-income, which one day can surpass income in their current physical-job-income.

We make it easy

We create the tools that facilitate communication, management and business growth.

Throughout the vast universe of content on our networks, our goal is to create awareness that generates a benefit for content creators, preparing our audience to take real-life actions. Whether the end result is subscribing to a podcast, playing sports or learning at home, clicking on a link for more information or buying a ticket to an event, let the storytelling inspire the audience to dig deeper beyond a headline and find what they want tailored to them.


our proprietary technology & tools include
Cross Media Platform
High-end Multimedia CMS
Images & Museum Builder CMS
Multimedia Search Engine
Sports Big Data Platform
Software Development

Our workflow is a success story

We understand that audience satisfaction starts with quality content and service.
Our platform unites and centralizes the decentralized media ecosystem to deliver quality content tailored to all subscribing topics.

We listen and apply our media expertise to build together the needs of content creators and platforms to grow together in VAVEL



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Our Team makes the difference

Our team members are our greatest asset, our warriors. Our ability to deliver extraordinary results starts with our team of smart, capable experts.




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Advisory Board

Henk Abbink

Multicultural, multilingual C-level executive and serial entrepreneur. Henk has worked on all continents. He has 30+ years international, hands-on pioneering and next-level development experience in both privately (PE/VC/Family) and publicly held startups, smaller and larger multinationals, including capital / fundraising, M&A, JV’s,
supply chain and turnaround – in consumer / lifestyle, media / entertainment, tourism / hospitality, tech / innovation and healthcare / life science products, services and solutions.

John Weeden

Vice President of the Weeden Foundation. In addition to preserving more than 6 million acres of biologically important habitat worldwide the Weeden Foundation actively addresses the entwined concerns of population growth, overconsumption of natural resources, and the climate crisis.

A New York City native, John has worked in the design and technology industry 25+ years beginning with Microsoft in the mid 90’s.

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